The King on the Cross


cross-and-crown-of-thornsJesus’ long journey that began with His miraculous birth ends today with the merciless wickedness of men as He is nailed to the Cross. Yet. as always. Jesus presence demands a reaction, He demands a response. Sadly, the response from the crowd, the priests, the Romans, and even the criminals is the same – mockery. They ask Him, “If you are really the King, if you are really the Messiah, come down from the Cross.” Yet, Jesus proves who He is as He stays on the Cross, not held by the nails of iron, but held by the nails of love forged in the crucible of the Covenant of Redemption.

As we consider Jesus yet again, we see the reaction of men as they consider the Cross. And we are called to consider the Jesus as well. But as we do, let us always be mindful that it is not our view of the Jesus that matters in eternity, but rather His view of us.

To help you with your study of this topic, we are also including the study questions prepared each week for our congregation. May the Lord use them, and the sermon, to be a blessing to you. You will find them, as well as a short prayer, directly below the audio link.

The King on the Cross
Luke 23:32-39
Series: Luke – a Prescription for Doubtful Souls
Pastor James McDonald

  • Who were the criminals crucified with Jesus? In what way are we like them?
  • What is the significance of the placement of the criminals? What prophecy does this fulfill?
  • When the soldiers gambled for Jesus’ garment, what prophecy did that fulfill? How does the garment speak of Jesus identity?
  • How does Jesus’ prayer reveal His identity and His mission?
  • How do we normally act when someone has hurt us?
  • What does Jesus’ prayer say of the free offer of the Gospel? How does it still teach the doctrine of election?
  • In what way did the Romans, the Jews, and the criminals not know what they were doing?
  • Which of your enemies or adversaries have you failed to pray?
  • How did those present miss understanding who Jesus was? How is that seen in their question to Him?
  • Why was it impossible for Jesus to come down from the Cross? What does that mean for you?
  • What held Jesus on the Cross?

Merciful Father, as we consider Jesus, tortured, humiliated, and then crucified, let us never forget that He did not die a senseless death, He died a sacrificial death, taking upon Himself the penalty we deserve. Instead of crying out in anguish about His own condition, Jesus cried out in prayer, calling upon You to grant forgiveness. Holy Father, let us remember how merciless we are without Jesus, that we might rejoice evermore in the mercy that we have because of Jesus. In Jesus’ Name, amen.



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