God’s Word to Younger Men

dreamstime_xs_10546328As we continue in our work in Titus, 2, we now come to the subject of younger men, and who they are to be for Jesus. The picture we find here is challenging, and also encouraging. The Word gives younger men a real reason for living, and that is the advance of the Gospel.

God’s Word to Younger Men
Titus 2:6-8
Series: Titus: Setting Things in Order
Pastor James McDonald


  • How can the term “younger men” be defined?
  • What keeps boys from becoming men in our day?
  • What does the word “exhort” mean? How is this lived out?
  • Again, what does the word “be” call us all to understand?
  • Define “sober-minded.” When is a young man supposed to live this out?
  • Why is Titus mentioned in the midst of younger men?
  • Define the word pattern. In what way are you a pattern for others?
  • What are good works?
  • To what is the word doctrine in verse 7 pointing?
  • What is the balance between fun and seriousness in life?
  • What is the reason why all of this is important?

Holy Father, I thank you for the young men of Your church. And I thank You for the charge that You have placed in Your Word, to be men of discipline, dedication, and deliberation. Lord, how marvelous is Your sovereignty, a sovereignty that has placed these young men in strategic positions in the world where they are called to shine forth the reality that Jesus lives. Mighty God, fill these young men with Your Holy Spirit, that they might have the strength to endure when the temptation comes. Lord, help these young men to know that they are called to a crucial mission, and that mission is to stand as lights in the darkness, boldly living out lives of integrity, lives of reverence, lives of duty, to the point that even their opponents might be ashamed when they see the good works in which they walk. Lord, use them stand as witnesses of Your strength, and through their efforts, may Your Kingdom expand, may souls be saved, may you receive the glory now and forever.

In Jesus’ name, amen!

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