The Witness of Christian Labor

dreamstime_xs_13685358Closing out the instruction to various groups of people in the congregation, we come to the impact our labors have on the watching world. And we are challenged to consider the text, how we are to “be” that which we often aren’t. God uses our faithful labors as a means of evangelism, proclaiming the reality that Jesus lives!

The Witness of Christian Labor
Titus 2:9-10
Series: Titus: Setting Things in Order
Pastor James McDonald


  • What are the similarities between first century slaves and today’s employees?
  • How does obedience declare the reality of the Gospel?
  • How is obedience manifest in all human relationships?
  • What does well pleasing mean? Who are we called to really please?
  • How about not answering back? How can a Christian express concern to someone in authority?
  • What happens when the one in authority decides to move in a way we don’t agree?
  • In what ways can employees steal from their employers? How is such action harmful to the Gospel if done by a Christian?
  • What is good fidelity? How is this to be lived out?
  • What about when a boss is harsh or unreasonable?
  • What does adorn mean? Why is it important for us to live out this text faithfully?

Holy Father, I thank You that each day is new in Jesus. Father, as we come to Your Word and see who were are supposed to be, yet reflect on how our actions have often lied about the Gospel, our hearts are torn. And yet, we rejoice this day that You are not done with us. We rejoice that even now, You stand ready to strengthen us and empower us to live for You before a watching world. Father, may we be new creatures in Christ in every way. Use us to be examples of Your life changing power as we live out our days. May Your Kingdom expand as we submit ourselves, our labor, our recreation, our hobbies and desires, to You.

In Jesus’ name, amen!

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