Motivating Grace

reaching2godAfter pondering a number of messages on who we are to be in Jesus (Titus 2:2-10), we now come to consider how we can live as the Lord directs – it is all about His grace, grace seen in the past, grace seen in the present, grace seen in the future. It is the grace of God that motivates us to live victoriously for Him!

Motivating Grace
Titus 2:11-14
Series: Titus: Setting Things in Order
Pastor James McDonald


  • Describe the grace of God. What makes grace so amazing?
  • What does the word “appeared” imply with regard to God’s grace?
  • What does the phrase “all men” mean in relation to the extent of salvation?
  • What purpose of God’s grace is discussed on verse 12?
  • What are we to deny? What are we to pursue? How is this impossible on our own?
  • Describe hope from a biblical perspective. How should this motivate us?
  • Ponder this phrase – Jesus gave Himself for you. What does that really mean to you in the real world?
  • What were Jesus’ two purposes regarding you as listed in verse 14? How are these manifested in your life?

Holy Father, as we consider the finished and yet empowering work of Your Son, we stand in awe, we stand amazed, and we stand thankful. We are thankful because He gave Himself for us, sinful people polluted by this world, enslaved to sin. And yet, He has paid the price, He has set us free, He has called us to be His people! And all this was through grace, grace we did not deserve, grace we could never earn. And now, encourage us as we live now to do so in anticipation of Your Son’s return, of His complete victory over sin and death. Fill us with Your grace to live empowered by these promises that those in the world might see the reality of the gospel through our lives. Lord, be glorified through us, for Your Kingdom’s sake!

In Jesus’ name, amen!

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