Living Under Governing Authority

JudgeNotAs we dive into chapter three of the Book of Titus, we are confronted with our attitude toward the civil magistrate. And this hurts. Not only are we rebels at heart, we are also those who have legitimate concerns about the direction of our nation. But, is this foreign to the Christian experience? Is the Word silent on this matter? Not at all. And what it has to share will challenge us, yet also it should excite us as we consider who we really serve!

Living Under Governing Authority
Titus 3:1
Series: Titus: Setting Things in Order
Pastor James McDonald


  • What was the purpose of chapter 2? How is this related to chapter 3?
  • What does the word, “remind” imply in verse 1?
  • Compare the culture of ancient Rome with that of the United States. Which was worse?
  • Consider your answer to the question above, and then consider the call to be subject to rulers. How does that challenge you?
  • Are we called to obey in everything? If not, what kind of disobedience is allowable?
  • What does the word “ready” mean? Consider your own good works. Does that really describe you?

Holy Father, mighty God, everlasting King eternal, I praise You today for the reminder that You have given us lives that matter. I thank You that You have called us to live in such a way that Jesus is magnified and glorified before what seems to be an increasingly anti-Christian world. And yet Father, You have called us to live as those who are subject to the civil magistrate. Lord, this is so difficult, this is so hard, because in our hearts we are those who would desire our own way. And yet, You use our service, our obedience, our eager participation to show forth Your glory. Father, today we pray for the civil magistrate, for our president, for members of Congress, for the judiciary, for our governor, for state representatives, that you would grace them with salvation. But even if that is not in Your eternal plan, we pray that you would strengthen us to shine as lights in the darkness, to show forth the radiance of Jesus, that our lives might reflect the reality the Jesus lives.
In Jesus’ name, amen!

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