Arming Ourselves with Holiness

Hiding-In-ShadowsAs we continue in the Book of 1st Peter, we come to a place that again discusses suffering, but the focus changes from that which we suffer in the world to that which we suffer in the mind as temptation besets us. This message helps us find victory over the temptations that come, and gives us a real reason for living. And we are also reminded of the eternal consequences of following the Lord in faithfulness, how He uses us to bring the Gospel to the watching world

Arming Ourselves with Holiness
1 Peter 4:1-6
Series: 1 Peter
Pastor James McDonald


To help you with your study of this topic, we are also including the study questions prepared each week for our congregation. May the Lord use them, and the sermon, to be a blessing to you. You will find them, as well as a short prayer, directly below the audio link.

  • With regard to sin, how did Jesus suffer?
  • What does the word arm imply?
  • In what ways does mortal suffering strengthen our inner man?
  • How is our struggle with sin a form of suffering?
  • Consider the term lusts of men. What are some modern versions of this that impact/tempt you?
  • What does Peter’s list of sins in verse 3 imply? How does this play out in your life?
  • According to verse 4, what should we expect when we strive to live in holiness?
  • What truth should we hold on to in times of persecution?
  • How should verse 5 motivate us?
  • How should verse 6 give us confidence as we strive to live holy lives?

Righteous Father, You who are indeed holy, holy, holy, the Trice holy God, as we stand before You, we recognize that we have not pursued the holiness that You require of us. Although Your Word declares that we are to be holy, for You are holy, too often we pursue our own ends, too often we pursue our own temptations, too often we pursue our own way. And yet, in doing so, we forsake Your way. We can’t have it both ways. Mighty God, and yet Merciful Father, forgive us for our tendencies of chasing after the ways of the world, and pull us back to the ways of Your Word. Help us to be those who would live for You in all our days. And then, by the power the Holy Spirit, help us to live for Jesus before the watching world, that the world might know that Jesus is alive. Use us to show forth the Gospel that the lost may be saved and that they might live in newness of life for the glory of Your Son.

In Jesus’ name, amen!

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