Moving to Central Illinois

If, after reading through this web site and listening to a sermon or two, you have a desire to move here, be forewarned – we are not the perfect church, not even close. Our members are not perfect, our elders are not perfect, the pianist is not perfect! So, you will not find perfection, However, if you are looking for a community of Christians committed to seeing one another grow in the Lord and seeing our children walk victoriously in the faith, we may be what you are looking for.

Our church is located in Central Illinois surrounded by agriculture, and yet also near the centers of commerce of Peoria, Bloomington-Normal, and Springfield. If you are looking for an agrarian lifestyle or a smaller city, Central Illinois may be for you. There are many jobs in manufacturing, energy, high technology, education, government, ministries, and, of course, agriculture.

You can find very reasonably priced homes in the city or in the country. Enjoy the four seasons that God has created. Plant a garden in rich soil or walk along the riverwalk enjoying the restaurants in the evening air. And, most importantly, be with Christian friends that really care for one another.

Our families are committed to seeing the Lord glorified and His reign proclaimed in this area and beyond. If you would like to visit and experience the community of Providence, please call our church office (309-387-2600). We will get you in touch with a host family who can answer your questions about the area and our church.

Or, if you are interested in other “like-minded” churches in different parts of the country, log on to our denominational website. We all hold to similar doctrinal perspectives and outlooks on the Christian family.