Worship at Providence – June 30, 2013

  This week, we finish up the Olivet Discourse. These verses mark a transition as the focus goes from the Destruction of Jerusalem to His certain return. Jesus gives the parable of the fig tree, followed by specific instructions for us as we await His coming in glory. What we find is that eschatology matter. Read more about Worship at Providence – June 30, 2013[…]

Considering Your Future

  Today’s text acts as an exclamation mark to the rest of Luke 16, calling us to consider the sobering end of a life apart from the Lord. Through the story of Lazarus and the rich man, Jesus paints a vivid and horrifying picture of the eternal destiny faced by those in hell. We find Read more about Considering Your Future[…]

The Law: Legalism and Liberty

  As we continue in the Gospel of Luke, we come to yet another confrontation with the Pharisees. Earlier, Jesus had shared with His disciples how those who follow Him should recognize our position as stewards, and how we should use all He has given us to make eternal friends. This should be done remembering Read more about The Law: Legalism and Liberty[…]

Bah! Humbug!

As we move into Luke 16. we find Jesus giving us a timely lesson on stewardship. Many people spend their resources, their time, talents, and treasure, without any forethought of tomorrow. Others selfishly hold onto the stuff of this world, seeking only earthly gain, and not considering the impact actions have on eternity. However, using the story of Read more about Bah! Humbug![…]

Of the Father’s Love Begotten

  The third account in Jesus’ parable in Luke 15 presents the famous story we know as the Prodigal Son. This narrative is one of the best loved accounts in the Bible, indeed in all the world, because it presents for us emotions we all struggle with, such as selfishness, ambition, pride, arrogance, anger, lust, bitterness, Read more about Of the Father’s Love Begotten[…]

Joy to the World! The Lost are Found!

  Have you ever lost something that you loved? Do you remember the emotions you went through, considering your loss? Do you remember the zeal you had as you searched for it? How about the joy you experienced when you found that which was lost? In Luke 15:1-10, Jesus calls the Pharisees to remember those Read more about Joy to the World! The Lost are Found![…]

Feasting with Jesus

  As we come into Luke 14, we see quite a bit of discussion on the topic of feasting. Jesus is invited to a Pharisee’s home for a Sabbath Day feast. And yet, this feast was actually a trap. Jesus evades the trap, and then proceeds to teach the gathered crowd how they can be sure to Read more about Feasting with Jesus[…]