God’s Word for Younger Women

Continuing in our work through the Book of Titus, we now find instruction for younger women. Of all the people groups addressed in this chapter, younger women often face the most challenge as they strive to live out the call of Scripture. Yet, we are reminded that God uses our faithful efforts to live for Read more about God’s Word for Younger Women[…]

The Crucial Role of Older Women

Paul continues helping us to see who we can be in Jesus, this time reflecting on older women. We live in a day where such godly saints are often hard to find. But they serve a unique and special role within the church. May the Lord bring more godly women to serve Him! The Crucial Role Read more about The Crucial Role of Older Women[…]

Dignity, Duty, and Dedication

Today, Paul addresses the characteristics that should mark an older Christian man, characteristics that make him shine light upon the reality of the Gospel. Older men, do these characteristics reflect God’s work in your life? Dignity, Duty and, Dedication Titus 2:2 Series: Titus: Setting Things in Order Pastor James McDonald [display_podcast] How are verses 2-10 related to Read more about Dignity, Duty, and Dedication[…]

Healthy Doctrine and Healthy Lives

As we move into chapter 2 of the book of Titus, we come to some of the most challenging verses in the whole Bible, because they call us to be something that, on our own, we are not. We often would rather to debate theology rather than ponder how we are to live. But as Read more about Healthy Doctrine and Healthy Lives[…]

Protecting the Flock

One of the most challenging responsibilities an elder faces is dealing with those who would disrupt the peace and unity of the congregation. These people are not always easy to spot, and left alone they can harm many through their influence and persuasion. How do we recognize false teaches? How do they operate? How should Read more about Protecting the Flock[…]

An Elder’s Chief Calling

Elders are called to do many things in modern Christianity – anything from marketing to finance to strategic planning to sweeping the floors. But what does the Bible say about this man’s primary responsibilities? Check out today’s message to find out. An Elder’s Chief Calling Titus 1:9 Series: Titus: Setting Things in Order Pastor James McDonald Read more about An Elder’s Chief Calling[…]

Character Matters

One of the most challenging realizations that a man can have is the understanding that his character influences others. And this is very important for those who are church offers, especially those who are elders, to understand. Today, we consider this high bar and its implications for the church. Character Matters Titus 1:7-8 Series: Titus: Setting Read more about Character Matters[…]