Strength for the Journey

As we approach the final portion of the book of 1 Timothy, a book that has focused much on our conduct, Paul gives us a very timely exposition on the character of God. And that is likely just what Timothy needed. Having been charged and challenged to live for Jesus throughout the book, and having Read more about Strength for the Journey[…]

Concerning Contentment

Last week, we briefly consider the motivation for ministry, today, we consider the motivation for life. We are all driven in one way or another, we all have goals that we set for ourselves and our households. But, in 1 Timothy 6:6-10, we are challenged to consider the value of our goals. Do we work Read more about Concerning Contentment[…]

The Church’s Greatest Danger

Today, we were reminded how much God loves His church. We are tempted to forget that fact, but the Lord loved His church so much that He gave His Son to die for His church. How should that reality impact the way we live together, how should it impact the way we serve together, how Read more about The Church’s Greatest Danger[…]

Faithful Servants, Faithful Masters

Elder Bryan Evans brought the message today as we continued in 1 Timothy, calling our attention to the responsibilities of servants and masters. Like it or not, we are all servant. There is always a higher authority, whether that be a boss or a customer. And, for some of us, we stand in the place Read more about Faithful Servants, Faithful Masters[…]

Purity in the Office

It is difficult being an elder. We need to deal with challenging people, but even more than that, we have to deal with seeing troubles in ourselves. And that point was brought forth today as we considered the remaining portion of chapter 5 of 1st Timothy, a text that addresses unrepentant sin in the life Read more about Purity in the Office[…]

The Case of the Missing Widows

As we continue in 1 Timothy 5, we come to a very interesting section of Scripture, one which describes a listing of widows. After our work last week, were we learned that widows were to be cared for, this section of Scripture calls our attention to a special group of widows. The question before us Read more about The Case of the Missing Widows[…]