Peace Beyond Believing

Sunday, November 17, 2013, in the midst of our worship service, powerful storms descended upon Central Illinois. I was about a third of the way through the sermon when tornado alerts started to sound on phones and the lights started to flicker. We decided to postpone the service and take shelter in our basement fellowship Read more about Peace Beyond Believing[…]

Recognizing Jesus

We continue to evaluate the reality of the resurrection through the story of two disciples on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35). These two were intimately familiar with Jesus, and yet they failed to see Him. They were blinded to Jesus in part due to their sadness, their misunderstanding of His Word, and their seemingly Read more about Recognizing Jesus[…]

The Riddle of the Resurrection

As we enter the final chapter of the Gospel of Luke, we discover a number of confused and troubled people: the women who followed Jesus, His apostles and disciples, and specifically one named Peter. They are puzzled for a reason, Jesus seems to be no longer with them. They believe themselves alone. And, instead of Read more about The Riddle of the Resurrection[…]

Jesus’ Final Hours

In today’s text, we consider Jesus’ final hours. Luke presents two amazing miracles, Jesus’ last prayer, and the power of the Gospel to change lives. One of the miracles represents man’s true problem, alienated from God and living in darkness. The other miracle shows the solution to this problem, which is the finished work of Read more about Jesus’ Final Hours[…]

The Convert on the Cross

Our text today helps us to see the mission of Jesus, a mission that started at His baptism and continued even while He struggled on the Cross. God was at work there, bringing the wonder of salvation to a very unlikely sinner, the criminal on the cross. In this text, we come to see what Read more about The Convert on the Cross[…]

The King on the Cross

  Jesus’ long journey that began with His miraculous birth ends today with the merciless wickedness of men as He is nailed to the Cross. Yet. as always. Jesus presence demands a reaction, He demands a response. Sadly, the response from the crowd, the priests, the Romans, and even the criminals is the same – Read more about The King on the Cross[…]

Jesus’ Last Sermon

  We continue discussing the last day of Jesus’ life before His death, today considering His final sermon, a sermon given to a group of women. Tired, hungry, thirsty, and physically worn and assaulted, the Lord is on His way to Golgotha. He stumbled, He fell. And His Cross was then placed upon the shoulders Read more about Jesus’ Last Sermon[…]

The Great Exchange

  As we continue to consider Jesus’ last day before His crucifixion, we come to His Roman trials which, like the Jewish trials before them, consisted of three parts. Our goal today is to consider the different people who rejected Jesus, and to ponder if, in some ways, we are like them. We see the Read more about The Great Exchange[…]