He Saved Us

He Saved Us Titus 3:4-7 Series: Titus: Setting Things in Order Pastor James McDonald Contemplate the darkness of sin, especially the sin in your own life. And then consider the amazing gift of salvation that God has given to you. What does the word “appeared” infer? What four components motivated God to save sinners? Define each of Read more about He Saved Us[…]

Remembering Who We Were

Remembering Who We Were Titus 3:1-3 Series: Titus: Setting Things in Order Pastor James McDonald In verse 1, Paul calls us to remember something. What is that as you should remember as you consider verses 1 and 2? What challenge are we confronted with as we consider the first three words of verse 3? Describe biblical foolishness. Read more about Remembering Who We Were[…]

Living Under Governing Authority

As we dive into chapter three of the Book of Titus, we are confronted with our attitude toward the civil magistrate. And this hurts. Not only are we rebels at heart, we are also those who have legitimate concerns about the direction of our nation. But, is this foreign to the Christian experience? Is the Read more about Living Under Governing Authority[…]

The Witness of Christian Labor

Closing out the instruction to various groups of people in the congregation, we come to the impact our labors have on the watching world. And we are challenged to consider the text, how we are to “be” that which we often aren’t. God uses our faithful labors as a means of evangelism, proclaiming the reality Read more about The Witness of Christian Labor[…]