Bitterness: An Addiction of the Soul

Originally written in August, 2010. This is one I need to reread again and again… “Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord: looking carefully lest anyone fall short of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble, and by this many become Read more about Bitterness: An Addiction of the Soul[…]

And on the First Day

  It always amazes me how self-centered we can be. We look at the universe, the majesty of the heavens, the glory of the moon and the stars, the brightness and warmth of the sun, the incredible diversity that we see as we travel from one area of our nation to the other, and we Read more about And on the <Seventh> First Day[…]

Advent Readings for 2012

  This coming Sunday, December 2, marks the first Sunday in the season of Advent, which marks the beginning of the Christian calendar. It is the four week period that precedes the day set aside to acknowledge Jesus’ incarnation (December 25). In these four weeks, many Protestants historically have used this time to ponder the Read more about Advent Readings for 2012[…]

Captains of Kirk

  We are fascinated with heroes. Their stories inspire us; their stories encourage us; their exploits and their deeds captivate our imagination and give us hope. Heroes seem larger-than-life. They stand against seemingly overwhelming odds; yet, they persevere. They maintain their focus on their task and stand against daunting opposition to the end. We want Read more about Captains of Kirk[…]

Please Believe This about Husbands

  Whenever I am asked to write or to speak on the topic of the Christian husband, I am reminded of my own failures and inadequacies. I didn’t grow up in a Christian home; therefore, the beauty of covenant marriage was not modeled for me. However, in God’s providence, I came to saving faith in Read more about Please Believe This about Husbands[…]

Should “She, Obey Him?”

  God’s Word inevitably conflicts with the plans of man. For instance, the Word directs us to acknowledge the God of the Bible as the One True God—we are to have no other gods but Him. Yet the sinful heart of man is inclined to persistent idolatry, seeking to satisfy our need to worship and Read more about Should “She, Obey Him?”[…]

Think – and Pray – Before You Click

  Brothers, I am writing to you, men and young men, with great sadness, and with great concern. This morning, after I did my review of various Facebook statuses for the folks I follow, I noted a pastor’s status that portrayed an immoral scene and included a suggestive link “for more details.” Now, I recognized Read more about Think – and Pray – Before You Click[…]

Religion: Does it Deserve a Bad Rap?

  Over the past few days, much has been written on the subject and problem of “religion.” Some of this activity was initiated after a short video was released that has gone (using internet jargon du jour) “viral.” When I last checked, this video had collected well over 6 million hits! The video is presented Read more about Religion: Does it Deserve a Bad Rap?[…]