Infidelity: Surviving Sexual Temptation

Originally published in 2011 It is certainly an understatement to say that we live in a sex saturated society. Indecency, immodesty, and the general acceptance of sexual immorality assault the Christian through all forms of media: magazines, billboards, and the 24/7 blitzkrieg of cable television and video on demand, to name a few. Couple this Read more about Infidelity: Surviving Sexual Temptation[…]

The Cup of Wrath

  This week, we find Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, pouring out His heart to the Father, even asking if it is possible to bypass the Cross. In this text, we consider why Jesus seemed terrified of what lay ahead, we see the complexities of the One who is fully God and fully man, and Read more about The Cup of Wrath[…]

Think – and Pray – Before You Click

  Brothers, I am writing to you, men and young men, with great sadness, and with great concern. This morning, after I did my review of various Facebook statuses for the folks I follow, I noted a pastor’s status that portrayed an immoral scene and included a suggestive link “for more details.” Now, I recognized Read more about Think – and Pray – Before You Click[…]

Defeating the Deceiver

  In what may seem an amazing turn of events, Jesus goes from the waters of baptism directly into mortal combat with Satan himself and is tempted for 40 long days. Satan’s goal is to get Jesus to fall. If he could do this, the whole mission of redemption would be foiled. But Jesus defeats Read more about Defeating the Deceiver[…]

Audio :: Immanuel – God is with Us!

Genesis 39 gives us a glimpse into Joseph’s life in captivity. What we find is that he faced similar situations as us. Joseph’s early days as a slave were very troubled. He was unable to control the many challenges around him, everything seemed to be out of sorts. We have times like that. Then, Joseph Read more about Audio :: Immanuel – God is with Us![…]